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To apply for your Idaho Auto Dealer Bond, please fill out the form below. Then submit your application by clicking the "Submit" button, and your application will be automatically sent to our Agency. Our agency will contact you within the hour to help to write your auto dealer bond!

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How do you become a licensed motor vehicle dealer in Idaho? We can provide the bond you need. Idaho requires the bond for Idaho vehicle dealers to be $20,000. Motorcycle dealers in Idaho need a bond of $10,000.

You may apply for an Idaho $20,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond or Idaho $10,000 Motorcycle dealer bond with the form above.

  • Vehicle dealer performance bond required: Idaho Code requires all vehicle/vessel dealers to file a performance bond with the department. The bond shall be in the amount of $20,000 for all dealers except motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, utility type vehicle, truck campers, and snow machine dealers, who shall have a $10,000 bond. All bonds must be issued by a corporate surety licensed to do business within the state of Idaho. A bond may also be posted in the form of cash or a certificate of deposit, which remains on deposit until five years after the dealership has gone out of business. The bond must remain in effect for the full licensing period or until the license becomes invalid. The bond must reflect the exact ownership, D.B.A.s, and dealership location that is listed on the application for dealer license.
If you would like to know the complete process, visit the Idaho Transportation Department,
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