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Our Services

We are the experts on car dealer bonds. We have eight surety companies in-house, so we know we can place your bond needs. Applicants with excellent credit will receive the best rate in the industry with us. Poor credit applicants will have the opportunity to finance the bond at a very good rate.

Good Advice

We are constantly monitoring all 50 states so that you are always in compliance with the surety bond requirements for used auto dealers. Every year, we shop your bond for you. Rates change and your situation changes. We check at your renewal to determine if there is any better rate for you. We save you money!

Business Strategies

We have an old fashioned strategy in a fast-paced world. We believe that every applicant should receive a quick response, the best possible price and super customer service. At the end of the day, we want you to say "Those are good people."

Upfront Information

There are lots of websites that want you to send an on-line application, and then when you try to call them, you can't reach anyone!

 We want you to call us first. We provide a free phone consultation and in most cases we can give you a ballpark price before you even provide personal information. PH: 866-546-4605

Insurance Agents Welcomed

We work with used auto dealers and insurance agents. Agents call us with your rejected bond applications or high renewals. We have great markets and we pay great commissions. 

Multi-State Licensed

We issue surety bonds in nearly all 50 states. Since 1999, we have provided used auto dealer bonds to dealerships across the nation. We remain a family-owned, private company with a deep commitment to our customers.

Contact our office today to learn more and get started. Call us at 866-546-4605 or email us.


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