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For Texas auto dealers, who needs a bond, for what term and what amount? With the exception of franchised dealers, all new applications for Texas motor vehicle, recreational vehicle and motorcycle licenses must be submitted with a surety bond for $25,000. The bond must be effective for the same term as the license. The bond must always equal $25,000. In the event a claim is made and the bond is reduced to below $25,000, a dealer must immediately bring the bond back up to $25,000. To apply for Texas dealer bond, call us at 866-546-4605 or fill out the form above to apply online.

Texas auto dealers are licensed through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. How do you become a Texas licensed car dealer? You will need a bond, which we provide. In addition, you will need to comply with the Texas license requirements. To learn more about becoming a Texas licensed auto dealer, visit the state website:
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